Adventure Cruise Line

Adventure Cruise Line

At Adventure Cruise Line, we strive to offer all our guests the finest and most exhilarating cruising experience. We do this while maintaining our unique image of catering to the needs of the younger guest demographic of eighteen to thirty-five. We provide ample opportunities both on and off the ship for our guests to have a thrilling adventure while exploring our numerous Caribbean destinations. Our goal as a cruise line is to offer our guest the vacation of a lifetime that will be truly unforgettable. 

We are a proud member of the World Cruise Ship Entertainment Society (WCSES). Moreover, we are a Miami based cruise line that was created as the brain child of our three directors. We are based out of Miami due to the fact that Miami is the cruise capital of the United States. It also is prime location to set sail to cruise into the Caribbean. As a company we are targeting a different type of customer, instead of going after the typical cruise guest, families and senior citizens. We are targeting eighteen to thirty-five year old who are single, young couples or newlyweds. Due to this we are changing the way that we think about the typical cruise experience, and making it more exciting and adventurous.

This is a KID-FREE cruise.

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Attention: This is a fictitious organization
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